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Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has launched Trojena as a new destination for mountain tourism.

This location is part Neom, a futuristic new city in the country. It forms part of an unlikely plan for the development of the tourism sector in this region.

Bin Salman stated that Trojena would redefine mountain tourism by creating a place that is based on ecotourism principles.

“It also confirms that we are committed to being part of the global effort for the protection of the environment.

“Trojena” will be an addition to tourism in the area, and a rare example of how Saudi Arabia creates destinations based upon its environmental and geographical diversity.

“This forward-looking vision will ensure mountain tourism will be an additional revenue stream to support economic diversification while still conserving its natural resources for future generations.”

Trojena is unique in that the Neom Mountains’ stunning landscapes “coexist harmoniously with the tourist sites within them,” providing a new and “unprecedented” tourism experience.

Trojena’s outdoor skiing experience is unique and will offer a unique experience, particularly in Gulf countries that are known for their desert climates.

Developers stated that both professionals and amateurs will enjoy the numerous ski runs with varying difficulty levels and a variety of breath-taking views.

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