Taking your Pets Abroad


If you would like to travel with your pets, then the changes in travel requirements set by countries, and the changing provisions by the carriers are making it increasingly easier.

However note – for a smooth hassle-free journey, planning is required.

What you need (EX UK)

A pet passport or third country certificate showing that the pet has been micro chipped and vaccinated against rabies.
1. Your pet may not leave or re-enter the UK until 21 calendar days have elapsed from the date of the rabies vaccination.
2. Rabies boosters must be kept up to date.
3. A muzzle is compulsory for dogs.

What you need (EX Continent)

Dogs – A pet passport or third country certificate showing the dog has been treated against tapeworm not less than 24 hours, and not more than 120 hours before arrival in the UK. Tick treatment is no longer required. A muzzle is also compulsory.
Cats & Ferrets – A pet passport or third country certificate is required. Tick and tapeworm treatment is no longer needed.


Ferry SymbolTravelling by Ferry: UK – Continent

Most ferry companies have been making additional provisions for pets. With the PETS Travel Scheme, they make it easy for you to take your dog or cat or animal on your travels with you. Key to this is to have your pet papers in order. Travelling from the UK, a valid DEFRA certificate is essential, and if travelling into the UK from the Continent, a travel passport or certificate is required from any registered vet.

Britanny Ferries

Pet friendly cabins – When travelling to Bilbao or Santander the Cap Finistère is equipped with 14 pet friendly cabins on deck 9. These cabins comfortably accommodate a single pet, however if you are travelling with more than one and wish to discuss your options please call us and one of our Reservation agents will be able to help with your arrangements. An exclusive promenade on deck 10 is available to dog owners travelling in a pet friendly cabin (reached by a staircase from the pet friendly cabin area).

P & O Ferries

If you are taking your pet(s) on the Dover-Calais route you will need to check-in at least one hour before departure and the animals must remain inside the vehicle at all times during the crossing. Foot passengers cannot travel with pets.


In accordance with the applicable legislation, domestic animals are carried exclusively in the areas of vessels designed for that purpose, except in the case of the blind and partially sighted who may be accompanied by guide dogs, in accordance with the specific legislation concerned.
Animals must be housed in the kennels provided by the company and are normally situated on the lower floors inside the vessel (garage area).
The ferry MY Tenazir have their kennels situated on the upper decks outside undercover.


Pets travel in the ventilated containers or travel boxes which are available on all Baleària ferries. These containers or travel boxes are set up on the deck, the garage or other parts of the ferry, in suitably ventilated and equipped areas, protected from the rain and the cold.
If passenger’s have their own container or travel box, a member of staff on-board will assist in placing it in the appropriate pet-designated area.
The animals are not allowed out of their container or travel box during the crossing, and they may not be walked on the decks, even wearing a harness and muzzle.
Pets cannot travel inside parked vehicles or in the passenger areas (seating areas, cabins, restaurant, bar, reception, corridors, etc.), even if they are in their own box or container.
Access to the animals during the crossing
• For safety reasons, on high-speed vessels it is not permitted to go onto the deck during the crossing, and therefore it will not be possible to have access to the animals.
• On the ferries, the animals can only be visited if the containers are located on a deck that can be accessed by the passengers, but in no case may the animals be taken out of the containers.
The animals can only be visited during established times (which will be displayed on the reception counter or window). On crossings of less than 4 hours the pets may be visited once, while on crossings of more than 4 hours they may be visited twice.
Passengers can only visit their pets if accompanied by a sailing assistant or crewmember.


Plane symbol

 Travelling by Plane

International and regional airlines have their own guidelines for permitting pets on-board. You can check directly through the individual airline websites, and we can further confirm the arrangements when making the flight bookings.


Country Requirements when Travelling with Pets

You would be advised to check well in advance for the latest travel requirements as stipulated by the individual countries. Fortunately, most of this information is easily accessible online.

For your convenience, the following are links for the UK and the US guidelines.