Holiday Agents

Holiday-Companies-Agents-AWe are holiday agents to all of the reputable holiday companies – so whether it is an adventurous holiday in the Serengeti, a memorable honeymoon, a retirement treat or just a quiet weekend break, contact us at Ticket to discuss your needs. We can advise you on your travel options that will also suit your budget.

With the bewildering range of offers and holiday companies available online, you can have confidence in working through Ticket to arrange your holiday trip. We act as your ‘one-stop-travel-shop’ and can organise a total package including the flights, hotel reservations, car hire, and appropriate itineraries.

We also continuously receive special offers from around the world – so whether it is a free upgrade, discount promotions on a new holiday resort or special offers, we can offer you alternative suggestions for improving your itinerary.

Memorable Holiday of a Lifetime?

Special OccasionsWhether you are looking for a romantic wedding, memorable honeymoon, or a well deserved retirement holiday, we are sure to be able to find you the ideal package. With so many possibilities, just discuss with us your requirements.

Adventurous? White-water-rafting

Whether your goal is to trek in the Himalayas, go white-water rafting on the Amazon, or diving for close-up encounters with sharks in South Africa : through our network of international holiday companies we can arrange your trip of a lifetime – from flights, connections, car (or jeep) hire to … insurance (!!), we can arrange it all.

Simply contact us with your overall plans and your budget.