The International Marine Travel Company

boteTicket has negotiated special discounted marine travel airfares with most scheduled airlines. Our clients in the Yachting Industry can now benefit from these marine airfares together with all our existing deals and offers.
Marine travel air fares have lots of advantages:

  • Up to 70% off most published air fares
  • No minimum or maximum stay
  • One way tickets at special prices
  • Extra weight allowance of 40 kgs (23 kgs x 2 bags for US and Canada flights)
  • No penalties for changes, and only a small fee for cancellations.

Although marine fares are strictly controlled by carriers the eligibility for use is generally the same. This includes all crew working onboard and also contractors who are travelling to carry out work on the vessel. Spouses and families may also be eligible on some airlines if they are on the ship´s manifest.

Eligibility for Discounted Marine Travel Tickets

As it is a privilege that airlines extend marine airfares to the private yachting community, we need to ensure that everyone using marine fares and the associated benefits are qualified to use them. Therefore, we follow the airlines’ policies closely and advise our travellers to carry proof that they are indeed travelling to or from a vessel for work purposes. Forms of proof that are accepted by airlines include:-

1. A letter on company/yacht letterhead outlining the need to travel.

This needs to include the Passenger Name, Name of Vessel and the Port of Registry. This does not need to be a complicated letter but we strongly recommend that a letter is always carried regardless of airline being used.

2. A Seaman’s log book.

3. A Company contract showing the details of employment and the embarkation port.

Airlines do occasionally audit passengers at check-in for the misuse of marine fares. It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure that the passenger carries the correct documentation.

The marine travel tickets from Ticket are available to almost every worldwide destination and we have assisted many travellers and companies to reduce their costs and be totally flexible with their travel arrangements.

Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise.

Ticket is your one-stop shop for a  full range of international travel services:

– Book your travel insurance online immediately – available even if you have not booked your travel tickets with us.

– Contact us for any other travel related services – from corporate travel and business flights to vacations, and ferry bookings around the Med.



Yes, your fiancée would be entitled the a marine flight ticket if he/she can present a letter on the vessel´s headed paper stating that they are visiting, with the dates clearly specified.

No. Discounted marine airline tickets are only applicable on scheduled flights

Irrespective of who manages flight bookings for your yacht crew, you are still able to book a discount marine flight ticket directly with us.

If the management agency handles your yacht crew travel and they have done this using us, then we would still be able to work with you directly to assist in any changes or additions to your booking. Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Yes you would be entitled to a marine airline ticket if you present a copy of the sea-log where you are included. Alternatively, you can get an official letter on headed paper from either vessel. If are unsure whether your documentation is valid, please contact us.

Yes, remember, with a marine airline ticket it is free to make changes of your itinerary at no additional cost, and there is only a small fee in the event of a cancellation. Additionally you have extra baggage allowance and can upgrade your ticket to Business or First Class and only pay the difference. For clarity, remember that the special marine fare discounts are available for Coach, Business and First Class categories.

No, there are no discounts for Travel Insurance – they are managed separately. Ticket has partnered with Europsure Insurance that offer a range of travel insurance policies – you can book directly with them.

You can be literally be booking your marine flight ticket whilst at the check-in desk, assuming you have the right paperwork and the flight has not closed. Your discount ticket will be sent by WhatsApp.

Remember, at the check-in, airlines have the right to challenge your entitlement for a special discounted flight ticket, so always carry your qualifying papers. Also, it is important to remember that you still need to meet the country´s applicable visa requirements, including the requirements of any transit airports.

Yes, you would be entitled to a marine ticket if your purpose of travel is specifically involved with a vessel travelling. You will need documentation proof.

There is no difference – they are just alternative names used in the industry.

Yes, you would be entitled but you would need to show proof of your work/ contract. Contact us if you need clarity.