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You have probably heard of France’s Loire Valley. It is famous for its stunning chateaus and vineyards. But how familiar are you with Pays de la Loire and all it has to offer, a region that covers much of France’s Loire Valley?

One thing is that Nantes, the regional capital, was home to Jules Vernes.

The Nantes of today is inspired by his legacy. You can visit Galerie des Machines or take a ride on ‘Grand Elephant’. The 40ft mechanical elephant was made hybrid in 2018 when its motor was replaced. This is a first for mechanical elephants.

Robot elephants can be trilling for all ages, and look at why the Atlantic Loire Valley makes a great place for slow tourism this summer.

Nante's Grand Éléphant

What are the Loire Valley’s specialties?

Many of us realized the importance of supporting independent or small businesses after the pandemic. It is not difficult to do so in the Loire Valley.

This region is rich in diversity and has many wonderful artisans, producers, and makers.

There are more than 350 farm-to-fork or tourist farm-stays in the Atlantic Loire Valley. You will find unique accommodation and the opportunity to meet local producers.

It’s not only the traditionals like wine and cheese that you can enjoy – although there are plenty of those too. You can also try oysters at the coast or rillettes (a little like a pate-like version) at a farm. Season your food with Guerande salt and visit farms that grow saffron.

If the food isn’t enough to entice, you can also find businesses that make skincare and beauty products from local ingredients.>>

Loire: Hit the water!

The Atlantic Loire Valley offers liquids other than wine.

It has 450km coastline and 375km rivers that are suitable for boats.

You can paddle board, sailboat or boat in this region. There are approximately 160 water sports available. You can also explore Angers by canoe or, if you are less athletic, take a guided cruise through Saumur or stay on a barge in Nantes.

Out on the coast in Bretignolles-sur-Mer, you can now hire eco-friendly surfboards made using materials sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

These high-performance, pioneering boards are now eligible for the “Initiatives Remarquables” label. They have half the carbon footprint as conventional surfboards.

The company offers a service that deposits boards for guaranteed end of life recycling. It also plans to create a paddleboard with the same technologies.

Enjoy the French culture

The reputation of the Atlantic Loire Valley for producing fine wines precedes it. It is the third largest wine-growing region in France, according to AOC (controlled design of origin) wines. There are over 350 cellars that are open for visitors.

Bio and organic vineyards are becoming more popular. Many offer tours on horseback, bicycles, or electric scooters around their vast grounds.

I don’t know what it would be like for anyone else, but riding a horse and carriage through a sunny vineyard while sipping Cremant De Loire seems absolutely wonderful to me.

RandoCabanes has installed eco-friendly hikers’ cabins in the vineyards of Nantes for those looking for a more active wine adventure. The cabins blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. You can enjoy guided tours, wine tastings and breakfast delivered right to your door.

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