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Aida Cruises started the year with high demand for cruises.
Bookings for spring and summer 2022 are growing “very positively”, the line stated. And, interest in winter sailings and the summer program 2023 is still high.
“Aida Cruises has everything in place to receive a positive response.
Alexander Ewig, senior vice-president marketing and sales at AIDA Cruises, stated that 12 Aida ships will sail again at the start of summer offering vacation trips to some of the most beautiful European destinations.
AIDAcosma, a new member to the Aida family, will launch on February 26th. It will offer voyages from Hamburg and other major cities in western Europe.
Aida Cruises’ second LNG cruise ship is now powered by liquefied Natural Gas, the most efficient fossil fuel.
AIDAcosma’s inauguration ceremony was held in Hamburg on April 9th. From there, cruises to the western Mediterranean, La Spezia/Florence and Rome will continue until October.
AIDAaura will resume cruise operations starting May 7th.
However, AIDAvita Voyages have been cancelled up to May.
Ewig said, “The strong bookings are a sign of the trust of our customers to be able realised their summer vacation dream with us onboard.”
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