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Two months earlier than originally planned, tourists who have been vaccinated in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Germany will be able visit the country without being isolated starting May 2.

With 95% of over-12s double-vaccinated the county is ready to reconnect with the rest of the world.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister,stated last week that “We’re ready for the world to return.”
“New Zealand will welcome the world back with open arms.”

She said, “We have received guidance that it’s safe to significantly move forward the next stage border reopening works, bringing back our tourist,” she continued.

If you are thinking about booking a trip to Australia or New Zealand in 2022, here’s some information.

The first step is to reopen to Australia

Australia will be the first to enjoy isolation-free travel from New Zealand. Vaccinated tourists are welcome to visit Australia starting in April 13.

Stuart Nash, tourism minister, stated that “We are ready and available to roll out the green-and-gold carpet to our Australian neighbors, and in time to the school holidays.”

The 40% of New Zealand’s international arrivals are Trans-Tasman travelers. They cross the Tasman Sea to reach New Zealand. It is hoped that this pre-holiday move can be a boon to the country’s dormant tourist industry

What New Zealand’s rules are for international tourists?

From May 2, New Zealand’s visa-waiver country list allows vaccinated tourists to return home. This list includes all European countries and territories, except for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kosovo, Malta and Moldova. The full list also excludes Russia and Ukraine.

This means that citizens of the USA, UK and France don’t have to apply for visas before traveling to New Zealand. However, you must apply for a NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority), before you can visit New Zealand for 3 months or 6 months for British citizens.

Tourists will be required to undergo a Covid pre-departure test. The current testing regulations require that tourists take a negative PCR test 48 hours prior to departure or a rapid antigen test 24 hours before departing for New Zealand.

Anyone who has a valid visa but is not on the visa waiver list will still be eligible to enter the country starting 2 May.

What are Australia’s Covid travel guidelines?

Australia opened its international borders to the world on 21 February. This prompted tearful scenes at Arrivals last Month as family and friends reunited.

One million tourists want to return to the country this year. However, there are still barriers.

To travel to Australia, travellers must first apply for an “eVisitor” Visa. Covid admin will then attach a copy your vaccination certificate (including boosters) and proof that you had a negative test within the last 24 hours prior to departure. All of this information can be uploaded to the Digital Passenger Declaration.

The rules for the Covid test vary depending on where you are arriving. Many require a test upon arrival, and quarantine until a positive result can be provided. South Australia requires a post-arrival PCR. New South Wales requests a rapid antigen test as soon as possible.

Tasmania has removed all restrictions on international travelers.

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