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Australia-revert-to-indigenous-names-on-reopeningTourism Australia launched a new initiative in an effort to grab the attention of the world as Australia opens its borders. It encourages people to use Indigenous names to identify some of Australia’s most iconic places.

Phillipa Harrison, managing director, announced last week that they would be dual-naming cities and select locations using the current term along with the traditional Aboriginal name.

In the coming months, the initiative will be spread to tourist boards and social media channels.

The airport boarding gate signs will be rotating between the two names.

For example, the sign at the boarding gate for a flight from Adelaide now also displays the name Kaurma Country.

Other popular tourist spots that were given dual names include four New South Wales sites, including Mount Dromedary (also known as Gulaga).

After a grassroots campaign, the Australian postal service acknowledged the importance of Indigenous place names in 2020, and agreed that the names could be used in mail addresses.

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