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Hertz and Polestar, a Swedish manufacturer of electric performance cars, announced a partnership to purchase up to 65,000 electric cars (EVs) over the next five years.

The availability of electric vehicles (EVs) is expected to start in spring 2022 in Europe, and in late 2022 in North America.

Hertz EVHertz sees the partnership as part of its ongoing commitment to leading in electrification and shared mobility, as well as a digital-first customer experience.

Polestar’s partnership with Hertz builds on Hertz’s October announcement to provide its customers the largest EV rental fleet outside of North America, and the largest worldwide.

Hertz will make the fleet available for its leisure and business customers. Hertz also plans to extend EVs to rideshare drivers to accelerate electrification.

Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr stated that “We are excited to partner with Polestar and look forward to introducing their premium EV products into our retail and rideshare fleets.

“Today’s partnership with Polestar further builds on our ambition to become a leading participant in the modern mobility ecosystem and doing so as an environmentally-forward company”.

They aim to provide renters, corporate customers, and rideshare partners a premium EV product and an exceptional experience. It will also reduce their carbon footprint.

Polestar is one of the key drivers of global EV growth. It helps to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility, as consumers become more interested in the convenience and environmental benefits of electrification.

Polestar reported that its volumes nearly tripled in 2021, and expects to more than double them again this year. Polestar anticipates that volumes will reach 290,000. vehicles annually by 2025. .

Hertz will order Polestar 2, an award winning EV that established Polestar as a premium EV maker with its first volume model.

Polestar 2 features avant-garde Scandinavian design, and the most advanced in-car technology. Polestar 2 features the first global infotainment system that uses Android Automotive OS with Google built in for premium EV segments. It is driver-oriented and dynamic.

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