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We often wonder what the future might look like. We imagine a variety of possibilities, and we question our place in it.

What will our future look like? What does the future hold?

The future is right in front of us, and we have the chance to design it.

Dubai, has created a unique hub for visionaries and talents from all over the world to shape the future. It is the eagerly awaited Museum of the Future.

The location opened last month and welcomes guests to take a journey into the future.

The Museum of the Future connects thinkers from all over the globe and acts as a testing ground for future generations to find innovative solutions to the problems facing society.

According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (ruler of Dubai), the Museum of the Future “is the most beautiful building on Earth”.

It is a remarkable building that speaks Arabic. This represents the revival of Arab excellence and appreciation of past Arab intellectuals, which aims to resurrect Arab civilisation. ”

The striking structure rises 77m above the ground. It was built using robotic technology with an emphasis on sustainability.

The building is powered by 4,000 megawatts solar energy.

Seven floors are found within the pillarless structure.

The museum offers visitors a unique window into the future, allowing them to see it in all its dimensions and aspects.

The Museum of the Future uses the most recent technologies of virtual and artificial reality, data analysis and artificial intelligence to facilitate human-machine interaction.

The museum answers many questions about the future of humanity, cities, societies and life on Earth and in outer space. Its five exhibitions provide visitors with unique experiences that span five exhibitions. These exhibits explore the futures of space travel, living, climate change, ecology, wellness, spirituality, and health.

The visitor begins their journey in the solar system’s depths by meeting space technology that has never been seen before and is introduced to the home of humanity in outer space.

This exhibit is a tribute to the Emirates Mars Mission project, which saw the Hope Probe enter Mars’ orbit last January. It also marks a major milestone for both the UAE and the Arab World.

The Museum of the Future invites visitors to participate in special missions. And unlike traditional museums that display fragments of the past it offers a portal into the future in a scientific effort to discover its variables, potential challenges, and expected characteristics.

This immersive experience will place its visitors in a completely new environment, as they are reintroduced onto planet Earth, the future for healing, sustainability, and bioengineering.

Visitors will experience a calm and empowering journey in a setting that is focused on health, well-being, and self-esteem. Light will be shed to help people reconnect to their senses and learn to disconnect from technology’s personal vast use.

Through its partnerships with leading companies and organizations, the Museum of the Future will showcase innovative innovations from the near future. It will also highlight trends and technologies that are beneficial to humanity.

This museum believes that the future doesn’t have an age preference. It will offer children a dedicated experience that encourages them to explore the world and learn future-proofing skills.

More information:

Museum of the Future tickets start at AED145 per head, and children under 3 get in for free.

Emirati citizens over 60 years old, persons with disabilities and one caregiver will be eligible for free.

For more information, visit their main site here.

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